Mr D's Thermal Cooker has been tested and recommended by:

Sailing Today (awarded best livaboard product at the Southampton Boat Show 2011)

Practical Boat Owner (awarded their Green Award in 2012)

Permaculture Magazine - "Mr D's Thermal Cooker is such a good bit of energy-saving kit. It makes delicious stews and casseroles, bread and sensationally good fruit cakes."

Classic Boat Magazine - "Mr D's Thermal Cooker enabled us to make pot-based meals we've normally only dreamed of without using up all our gas."

The RYA News & Reviews - "this is a wonderful device and perfect for those colder days on the water"

Wrights Home Baking - "You will find that you use the cooker most days for your bread, cakes, soups, meals and puddings."

The Telegraph - "While slow cookers can save around one third of the electricity a conventional oven uses, a thermal cooker – a thermal cooker – can save 80–90 per cent."



There is a delivery charge on all orders which is automatically worked out on weight and destination. This will be shown on the total order details before you have to make payment.

Mr D's Thermal Cookbook - Kindle Digital Version
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Mr D's Thermal Cookbook - iPad/iPhone Digital Version
PLEASE NOTE: To buy this you will need to be logged into your account. You cannot buy this as a guestiPad/iPhone DIGITAL VERSION -...
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