8L Thermal Cooker

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NEW PRODUCT – 8L non vacuum thermal cooker to feed up to 20 people and ideal for use at parties, weddings, on shoots or for feeding any large gathering of people.





This new 8L Thermal Cooker from Mr D consists of a double-wall insulated (not vacuum) container and s/s inner pot and will feed up to 20 people.

Due to a thermal cooker needing to be 80% full to retain it’s heat for maximum time, this cooker is not suitable for a small number of people.

* Double-wall thermal insulation locks in temperature to preserve heat/cold and freshness for up to 6 hours; External surface stays cool to the touch with hot food.

* 10 mins of cooking on the stove is all you need. Place the inner pot into the Thermal outer pot, and cook itself while you are busy doing other things.

* The food inside can never be over-cooked so you will avoid scorching, evaporation, over boiling or bitterness.

* The heat-retention cooking system works like a non-electric slow cooker to allow user to prepare delicious meals with doing other things.

* You will save on energy as the meal is on the stove for such a short period of time.

* Lockable lid and convenient carrying handle lets you bring hot or cold food anywhere.

* Outer insulated pot spec. - plastic exterior, stainless steel interior.

** The inner pot is triple-layer base for use on all forms of heat.

PLEASE NOTE – There is no top pot or carry bag available for this cooker.



Mr D's Cookers, 8L non vacuum Thermal Cooker

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