Carry Sleeve for Mr Ds 4.5L Energy Saving Thermal Cooker


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This is the must have accessory if you are taking your Mr D’s Thermal Cooker out and about.

The wonderful thing about Mr D’s Thermal Cooker is that it will cook a meal anywhere as it does not require any form of power and therefore can be cooking in your motorhome, caravan or in your car as you travel.

When you own a Mr D’s Thermal Cooker you will often find you want to take a hot meal with you to the boat, on a picnic, to work or may to a friends or elderly relatives house. The cooker can be lifted using the side handles but this requires two hands but by having the Mr D’s Carry Sleeve fitted you can carry your meal so much easier.

The Carry Sleeve which can be left on at all times will also help protect the outside of the Mr D’s Thermal Cooker from becoming scratched or damaged when transporting it around in a vehicle.


Using Mr D's Carry Sleeve with the Mr D's Energy Saving Thermal Cooker

Mr D’s Carry Sleeve for The 4.5L Mr D’s Energy Saving Thermal Cooker

The great advantage of the Mr D’s 4.5L Energy Saving Thermal Cooker not needing power to cook means that you can take it with you while it is cooking. Among our many customers we have a number that take their thermal cooker to rugby matches, the beach, walks in the New Forest, to elderly relatives or friends and to their boats.

The Mr D’s Carry Sleeve enables you to carry the thermal cooker with just one had and will help protect from scratches and minor damage if it rubs up against other items when stored for transportation.

Points that were taken into the design of the Mr D’s Carry Sleeve

  • the sleeve has removable handle so it can be unclipped so the sleeve can be left on at all times even when using your Mr D’s 4.5L Thermal Cooker at home.
  • the sleeve is made out high quality rip resistance material with all the seems stitched for long life.
  • the sleeve has a velcro strip that allows you to remove and replace the sleeve quickly and easily.
  • the sleeve will also fit the Thermos Shuttle Chef.

On your boat using Mr D’s Carry Sleeve to Gimball your energy saving thermal cooker

When on a boat by attaching a rope to the handle of the Mr D’s Carry Sleeve and the other end to a hook your Mr D’s 4.5L Thermal Cooker becomes gimballed.

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