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Mr D's Parampara Spice Mixes are suitable for both thermal cookers and slow cookers:

We have been selling Parampara spice mixes now for around two years and find people really love them. They are not a powder, they are a paste and therefore taste so much more like the curry you would get in India.

These top quality Indian masala mixes will make enough sauce for 2-4 portions, and work perfectly in a Mr D's Thermal Cooker.

I have developed some recipes which you will find with the listings below as to how you can use these with your thermal cooker. Please feel free though to alter thses to you personal preferences.

All Parampara products are free from Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, MSG, Gluten, Chemical Preservatives and Artificial Colours. They are suitable for vegetarians and so can be used for veggie versions. 60 years of experience means you get excellence. They are also suitable for people with a gluten intolerance.

At shows I always make a curry in my Mr D's Thermal Cooker to show people that these mixes make authentic Indian curries ... not like your local curry house.

Happy thermal cooking
Mr D

This film shows you Paramapas modern production facilities and helps you understand why the mixed are so good.