Top Pot for either the Mr D’s 4.5L or 3L Energy Saving Thermal Cookers


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The stainless steel top pot sits on the lip of the Mr D’s Energy Saving Thermal Cooker allowing you to cook two different this at the same time. For example you can cook a pudding, rice or vegetables in the Top Pot and the main meal underneath. To see how this is done please view the video below.

Mr D's Top Pot in use with Mr D's Energy Saving Thermal Cooker

Mr D’s Top Pot with Triple Base
(works on all heat sources including induction)


[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”zKCI6WaEKXc&rel=0&autoplay=1″ width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=””]

Mr D shows you how to cook Chinese Beef and Carrots
in his Thermal Cooker using the Top Pot

Video from Mr D’s Kitchen – the home of energy saving cooking


The Mr D’s Top pot is the number one accessory for the Mr D’s Energy Saving Thermal Cooker because of the extra flexibility it gives.

Being a separate cooking pot with a lid the Mr D’s Top Pot enables you to cook two types of meals at the same time. For example you could cook rice, or a pudding in the Top Pot with your main meal underneath.

When you are cooking a small amount.

When cooking for 2 or 3 people the Mr D’s Top Pot can also help to ensure enough volume (we recommend the thermal cooker it be at least 80% full for maximum heat retention) in the inner pot to get the longest cooking time. By putting your meal in the inner pot and placing the Mr D’s Top Pot filled with boiling water above this will enable you to achieve the 80% volume.

Where some only some members of the family are vegetarian.

The Mr D’s Top Pot is also very popular with families where one member is a vegetarian and the other is not as you can cook the two types of meals at the same time but separate from each other.


MR D’s Top Pot specifications

  • the top pot is made from stainless steel
  • heat source – it has a triple base with an insert so it will work on all types of heat sources including induction
  • diameter – 16.5 cm wide (6.5 inches)
  • depth – 6 cm deep (2.5 inches)
  • volume – holds 1 litre (32 ounces)

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