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Mr D the thermal cook Who is Mr D and why is he called Mr D?

Well my real name is Dave Knowles. The name Mr D came about during my

many trips to Abu Dhabi where I was often called in the restaurant I helped set up Mr D.

I am happiest when cooking, something I find really therapeutic. There is nothing quite like getting in the kitchen and making a meal.

But what do I do?

I used to be a film maker both in television and then as an independent but now I am almost full time selling Mr D’s Thermal Cookers. I import the cookers and sell them both on the web and at shows such as the Southampton Boat Show.

When I am not doing this I am normally found in the kitchen or at the BBQ cooking for friends and family.

I try and use organic food where possible and also believe in seasonal foods from the country you live in. Also eco-friendly cooking is of great interest to me in my bid to help a little to save the planet.

I have travelled to many countries filming and I always try and incorporate a trip to the market, where you can find out more about the countries cuisine than anywhere else.


10 Things about me you may or may not want to know

1. I have produced 60 programmes for Channel 4 in UK.
I produced “Out of Town” with Jack Hargreaves to Channel 4 television. The programmes were renamed “Old Country”

2. I have written one of the only cookbooks on thermal cooking.
I wrote and self published one of the only cookbooks on thermal cooking. It has sold over a thousand copies worldwide. I am at this moment writing its follow up “Thermal Cooking on the Move”.

3. I helped a good friend set up a restaurant.
In Abu Dhabi I helped set up a restaurant called the BamBu! While trying to choose the wine we sat amongst the builders rubble and drank four bottle of wine to choose which would be on sale in the restaurant. By the end of the evening we could not remember whih was which soi we decided on all of them.

4. I have eaten raw fish in a little village in South Korea.
After meeting an elderly couple while investigating the South Korean countryside, my wife and myself were invited to lunch. We sat outside their 100 year old house eating raw fish and trying to make each other understood as they only spoke Korean and we only spoke English.

5. I made a CD for school children in UK.
I produced an interactive CD for key stage 2 children in UK schools. The CD was about a village in Gujarat, India. It tells a day in the life of a girl called Saira who lived in a village called Lakhabawal..

6. I have Mr D’s Thermal Cookers manufactured for us.
We have Mr D’s Thermal Cookers manufactured for us by a company that has specialised in thermal cooker manufacturing for about 15 years.

7. I was given a chance to cook in Korea.
I indicated to the owner of a restaurant in South Korea that I ejoyed cooking only to find myself being ushered into the kitchen to cook.

8. I love magazines and cookbooks.
Most of my reading is cooking magazines and cookbooks. I am always trying out new recipes on friends and family. Fortunately they normally seem to like them.

9. Thermal Cooking is my passion.
I spend most of my time learning more about thermal cooking and developing new ideas of cooking with this amazing form of cooking. Most evenings we use it for our evening meal as it is so simple to use. Not only that but it makes meals ready when we want to eat. We rather than the recipe now control our meal times.

10. Dosa cooking in a hotel kitchen in India.

I was given a lesson once in Gujarat on cooking dosa by a chef in expensive hotel. Unfortunately I still can’t make them.


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