How a Thermal Cooker Works


Learn how a Mr D’s Thermal Cooker works and how it can save you up to £100.00 a year.




How a Thermal Cooker Works

Mr D’s eco-friendly thermal cooker has its roots in the hay box. By using vacuum insulation in this thermal cooker you have a slow cooker that does not need any power.

Mr D’s eco-friendly thermal cooker can save up to 80% on cooking costs and is ideal for the home, caravan, boat or just a day out. With just 10 minutes spent in the morning Mr D’s eco-friendly thermal cooker can produce a hot meal when you get home and it won’t be burnt even if you are a little late. Mr D’s Cookware also have a complete range of cookware accessories for use with Mr D’s eco-friendly thermal cooker. These include a recipe cook containing over 80 recipes specially designed for a thermal cooker.

Mr D’s eco-friendly thermal cooker comes in two versions – the one pot and the two pot version. The two pot version has a second top pot that fits inside the inner pot and therefore means that you can cook two different items at the same time. This second pot is not available from anyone else in the UK.

Once you have Mr D’s eco-friendly thermal cooker you will find that you use it every day for it can cook soups, main meals, puddings, cakes and bread.

How to use a Thermal Cooker

Put all the ingredients in to the inner pot and bring it to the boil. Once boiling reduce the heat to bring the contents to a simmer. Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes (depending on the recipe instructions). Once the simmering time is complete take the inner pot off the stove and put it into the outer pot.

There is no need to plug in any power cord. The food will continue its “thermal cooking process” using the retained heat. After the required time (e.g. rice 30 min; chicken stock 2 hrs; beef brisket 3.5 hrs), just open the outer pot, and a nutritional and flavourful meal is hot and ready. The

Thermal Cooker has excellent heat retention capacity; the food inside the pot can retain a temperature of over 60°C even after 6 hours.

Mr D’s Thermal Cooker is:

    • Safe: It is not a pressure cooker, there are no power cords, no switches or electrical hazards to worry about.
    • Energy Saving: After the food has been boiled for a short time, the cooker needs no external energy while thermal cooking. Food stays warm automatically after it’s ready.
    • Convenience: The thermal cooking process requires no further supervision or monitoring. Food can be cooked while you are travelling. You can cook with the pot anywhere, anytime and it’s safe to use indoors or out.
    • Economical: Decreases fuel costs, economises time and energy.
    • Healthy: Entraps flavour, minerals and vitamins; generate less odour, grease and smoke in the kitchen.
    • User Friendly: Never over cooks and cleans up easily