Mr D’s 3L Thermal Cookbook


Mr D’s Thermal Cookbook – this is the first cookbook on thermal cooking by Dave Knowles (The original Mr D) and contains over 80 recipes designed for a thermal cooker.

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Mr D’s Thermal Cookbook took Dave Knowles (the original Mr D) over a year to write and evolved many helpful testers and tasters !

Writing a recipe book for a thermal cooker is not as easy as he had thought. Developing a way to make something like a Lemon Drizzle Cake meant making around 30 cakes to get the quantities and cooking times correct. At home 95% of Dave and his wife Jenny’s meals came from the thermal cooker. Their friends came to dinner and ended up testing thermal cooked meals. As they cook by gas, using the thermal cooker meant a considerable saving in their gas bill.

When things went wrong like sinking cakes, Dave turned to Lindi and Allan Rush from ‘Thermal Cookware’ in Australia who were always there on the end of the phone to give help and support. His good friend Mike Redcar was his main tester using his thermal cooker most evenings to try out new ideas to see if they were working. Jenny was very involved developing many recipes such as the very popular ‘Lamb Biryani’.



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