Mr D’s Protective Bag for Glass Inner Pot Lid


This protective bag has been designed for the 3L glass inner pot lid. It keeps it safe when your 3L thermal cooker has the top-pot fitted inside.

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The Mr D’s Protective Bag for Glass Inner Pot Lid is designed to be used with the 3L Thermal Cooker. The bag is padded with a zip fastener offering protection for your glass lid while it is stored inside it. Why would you need one of these ? Well if you are short on space you can store the top-pot and it’s metal lid inside the 3L thermal cooker (as if you were cooking a double meal) and then pop the glass lid inside this bright branded protective bag for safe keeping.

The bag is made of plastic and can be wiped clean, it has a strong zip and a layer of padding each side.

Please note the protective bag does not come with a glass lid.

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