Mr D’s 3L Thermal Cooker

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This Mr D’s 3L Thermal Cooker is suitable for 2 to 6 people and due to the cast iron ring on the base of the inner pot can still hold it’s temperature for up to 4 to 5 hours when 50% full. The Mr D’s Top Pot will fit this cooker for cooking two dishes at the same time.

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Mr D's £L Thermal Cooker baseThis  Mr D’s 3L Thermal Cooker is suitable for 2 to 6 people and due to the cast iron ring on the base of the inner pot can still hold it’s temperature for up to 6 hours when 50% full. The cooker is so efficient that it will continue boiling once placed into the insulated outer container for around 5 minutes and this ensures maximum start temperature for powerless cooking.

Mr D's £L Thermal Cooker handlesThe outer container has built in handles for easy carrying and these fold flat when not in use. The outer container has a vacuum in the twin stainless steel walls of the out container. This form of insulation is still the most efficient form available.

Mr D's £L Thermal Cooker clips


The lid of the outer container locks for safe carrying and storage in your boat, motorhome or caravan.

IMPORTANT: This cooker like Le Creuset pans has a cast iron base so it MUST always be put into the outer container when hot or placed on a suitable trivet as if put directly on a work surface it will burn it.

Mr D's 3L Thermal Cooker heat retention chart

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4 reviews for Mr D’s 3L Thermal Cooker

  1. Christophe Ellis (verified owner)

    Received my 3 litre Thermal Cooker today. It was well packaged. It looks well made and solid and the enclosed instructions clear. I used it to make a broccoli based soup, with potatoes and carrots. Soup cooked for 5-minutes on the stove before being placed in the Thermal Cooker. 2-hours later we had it for lunch, piping hot and thoroughly cooked. A simple recipe yes, but it’s given me the confidence that the cooker can be used to cook meat dishes over a longer period. Brilliant piece of kit.

  2. chris (verified owner)

    I bought my 3L about 3 weeks ago I think and we have cooked loads in it already.
    Yesterday was the pork chops and apple cider which was yummy.
    The 3L is enough for 2 people with pud in the top pot or 3 people with veg in the top pot. Cant wait to take it camping.

  3. Paul Goddard (verified owner)

    Used loads of times in the short period we’ve had it.
    My partner and I don’t like leaving any home appliances turned on when we’re out so an electric slow cooker has never been an option. This thermal cooker has been a god send, we knew about the tech but didn’t really take much notice until Foxes Afloat used one and we got very interested. Still experimenting with some meals we’ve not considered before and wondered if a cake tin would double up for baking bread, hopefully somebody will give us the answer, only to keep expenditure down… Would give it 5 stars but slightly expensive for us but this opinion may change with what we’re saving.

  4. Mick de Pomerai

    A great piece of kit for stews & casseroles; we bought one to use on our boat but find ourselves regularly using it at home too. Currently making chicken stock – without the house being permeated by the smell!
    I’d give it 5 stars but I think the insulation of the plastic top could be further improved: the thin bit over the pan lid causing the main heat loss. The metal top label helps reduce radiation loss but it isn’t enough, really. Improving this could increase cooking times by 2 hours at a guess.

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